Permania 睫毛清潔液 100ml

重量: 300 g
售價: HK$308.00 HK$200.00

-The super gentle 

-Contains Keratin

-Hydrolyzed silk proteins

New generation lash care product that is a must have item for every lash makers and cilents. Permania Lash Shampoo removes dust, oil,

bacteria and other impurities cleanly from eyelids, eyebrow and eyelashes before eyelash extension, lifting or tinting procedure.

The easy-to-use lash cleanser is also perfect to use at home-clean and fresh looking lashes will simply look fabulous.

This lash shampoo does not contain oil.

Being created specially for lashes and eyebrow care, this product does not irritate eyes.


• Shake well before use

• Add shampoo to eyelashes/eyebrow with cleansing brush

• Gently massage foam with brush up and down to clean lashes or eyebrow

• Rinse thoroughly with water

• Pat dry

• Gently brush lashes or eyebrow with a clean lash wand/brush 


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