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Before Semi-permanent Makeup Treatment - Update: 02nd FEB 2017

Before Semi-permanent makeup treatment, please place an attention;

In the menstrual cycle, you will be more sensitive.

    DO NOT exercise the day of the procedure.
    DO NOT tan or come with a sunburned face.
    DO NOT consume Alcohol or Caffeine on the day of the procedure.
    DO NOT wear eyelash extension before eyeliner procedure.
    DO NOT dye and curl hair 30 days prior to the hairline procedure.

Facial Care - Update: 9th AUG 2017

How to clean the face Properly?

Good skin cleansing can take away the dust and dirt on the surface of the skin, remove the aging keratinocytes, increase the moisture content of the skin, increase the permeability of pores and pores, enhance the absorption of the skin, is a very important step in facial maintenance. From the cleansing water, cleansing products, cleansing methods, deep cleaning and other aspects of how to carry out the correct facial cleansing.

1) Hands washing
clean your hand properly, it is because the unclean hands rub out of the bubble on the face is no benefit. Wash your hands with a hand sanitizer or soap, wash it thoroughly for 30 seconds, then rinse your hands with water.

2) Remove the external dirt
First wash with water on the face of the dust attached to the external dirt, in order to make facial cleanser more effective.

3) hot compress
Prepare a pot of hot water, the water temperature to a little hot is appropriate, the towel into the hot water full of hot, come up, gently twist off the excess water, open the towel gently cover the face, with your fingers towel Gently press down, so that towels close to the face and eye skin, stay for about 30 seconds, so that facial pores fully open, and promote facial blood circulation.

4) massage cleansing
Sprinkle the cleanser foam, carefully and gently massage the face, remove the dirt in the pores. T word area is very easy to oil, long acne, but can not so hard to rub. To know, although the harder will be more clean, in order to resist foreign aggression, the skin will become weak from the weak, grow thick layer of the stratum corneum, cleansing should pay attention from the inside out, from top to bottom, Moderate, with your fingers pulp or tap the edge of the face to flow of warm water is better.

5) Deep cleansing
With a cotton towel to dry the surface of the water, the spoonful of salt poured in the palm of the hand, add some hot water to fully melt the salt into a thick salt solution, and then salt solution coated face (except eye), gently circle massage, 30 After the rinse with water. Oily skin and daily makeup can be used every day with salt, dry and neutral skin are 3 times a week. The use of salt solution cleansing can make the face more clean and fresh, the skin will become delicate and smooth.

How to clean the face properly